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Psychology websites can empower individuals beyond the offering of therapy services in a therapist’s office. As a professional in the field of psychology, human emotion and overall mental wellness, I believe in continuous learning and I understand that knowledge, lessons and inspiration can come from a variety of sources.

The resources below comprise of references to psychology books and video clips that expand on the aspects I cover in my counselling sessions and workshops, whether it is therapy with individuals, couples, teens or families.

The cited psychology books and videos aim to provide additional knowledge and resources as you continue on your journey towards a healthy, meaningful connection with yourself and others.

Be A Man – Joe Ehrmann Read more
Becoming attached: First relationships and how they shape our capacity to love – Robert Karen Read more
Beyond Codependency: And Getting Better All the Time – Melodie Beattie Read more
Brainstorm: The power and purpose of the teenage brain – Daniel J. Siegel Read more
The Power of Vulnerability – Brené Brown Read more
Buddha’s Brain – The practical neuroscience of happiness, love and wisdom – Rick Hansen Read more
Bully Blocking: Six Secrets to Help Children Deal with Teasing and Bullying – Evelyn M. Field Read more
Can you affair-proof your relationship. Dr Sue Johnson Read more
How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime – Nadine Burke Harris Read more